Juvenile CrimeIf your child is facing charges for any type of crime, it is critical that you seek the help of an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. A conviction for a juvenile crime can have a serious impact on your child's future and make it very difficult to find a job and get into schools. Having legal representation on your side can help to ensure that your child receives fair treatment under the law.

Attorney Mike Russo is sensitive to the needs of families dealing with juvenile crime issues. I know that when the future of your child is at stake you need an attorney that is familiar with the juvenile justice system. The justice system for juveniles is different than that for adults and it is extremely important to have an attorney that is familiar with the juvenile justice system on your side.

I regularly handle cases for juveniles charged with criminal offenses. I am familiar with the intricacies of the juvenile justice system. I know how to work with the juvenile prosecutors, juvenile probation officers, and juvenile judges in order to try and get a favorable outcome for your child. Contact attorney Mike Russo today for a free consultation.

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